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One of the main characters of M.T. Anderson’s Feed named Titus goes through an arc of seeing that living with something as seemingly revolutionary as the feed isn’t as perfect. This reminded me of the Randy Newman song from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story titled “I Will Go Sailing No More”. On pages 112 to 113 of the novel, Titus shows sympathy for the fact that bad that only 73% of Americans have feeds and Violet never had one until she was seven, she still called out people who had feeds that they’re too ignorant to be aware of things like this; these words affect Titus and cause him to question his mother if he truly is ignorant. Titus’ realization that utilizing the feed makes him an ignorant individual is not unlike the lyrics “in my silver ship I sail/A dream that ended too soon”. The “silver ship” in regards to Feed is the titular feed itself, which is “sail[ed]”, or used, by Titus, for the sake of embracing the futuristic style of consumerism, which is the dream that ended too soon due to the realization of how ignorant the feed makes him and other feed users appear. During the end of the chapter titled, “Our Duty to the Party”, Titus begins to see that the feed is not something to admire that he sees that it has caused Violet to be in a vegetated state, and this ties into the lyrics “nevermore to sail my ship/where no man has gone before”. Titus no longer wants to “sail his ship where no man has gone before”, or in his case, see a revolutionary tool like the feed as a fun tool, especailly after seeing what it did to the person he loves.

Link to Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOBIcW4hIBw

Out among the stars I sail
Way beyond the moon
In my silver ship I sail
A dream that ended too soon

Now I know
Exactly who I am
And what I'm here for
And I will go sailing no more

All the things I thought I'd be
All the brave things I'd done
Vanished like a snowflake
With the rising of the sun

Nevermore to sail my ship
Where no man has gone before
And I will go sailing no more

But, no -
It can't be true!
I could fly if I wanted to!
Like a bird in the sky
If I believed I could fly
Well, I'd fly!

Clearly, I
Will go sailing no more

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