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Question #1: I was asked whether you can use the “I” (first person) in your Opening Response, as in “I believed this and now I believe….” Yes, you certainly can, and you can use the “I” in your formal essay as well.

Question #2: For the second blog assignment, what are the due dates and requirements for each post?

You are only required to write three posts for Blog Assignment #2. We are reading seven books but you only need to do music posts for three of them.

If you choose to write on The Hate U Give, the due date is Sept 26th. I will not be too strict in enforcing the deadlines for Blog Assignment #2, but I recommend getting them done while we are discussing the book. Here are all of the deadlines (remember you only need to do THREE of the books):

The Hate U Give: Sept 26th
Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass: Oct 17th
Challenger Deep: Oct 26th
The Poet X:  Nov 2nd
The Realm of Possibility: Nov 9th
Feed: Nov 21st
Bomb: Nov 28th

Here is a sample post:

In every post for this exercise, you should include:

  • the basic information about the song
  • why you associate the song with the individual YA book, ie why you chose it
  • a link to a recording of the song or video for the song
  • lyrics of the song

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