Opening Exercise and Blogging Assignments

Opening Exercise, DUE SEPTEMBER 19th

Aim for 2-3 pages for Part 1, and 1-2 pages for Part 2.

[Emailed to me at:]:

Part 1: When you hear the term “YA literature,” what impressions form in your mind?   How has your opinion of the genre changed—and/or what have you learned—after reading articles by Cart, Coats, Daniels, and Thomas about the genre?

Part 2: Pick one quotation from ONE of these articles and discuss its significance, and how it added to your knowledge of YA Literature (or literature and culture more generally).

Blogging Requirements

Blogging Responsibility #1: Questions and Quotations: Posted on the CUNY Commons Blog

You will be responsible for generating FOUR discussion questions about ONE of the class readings this term.

(NB: I do not require you to generate questions for all of the works, just ONE reading).

I am looking for open-ended, lively questions that spark debate and discussion, and that emerge from your genuine curiosity.  You will post your questions on the class blog (CUNY Commons).  I am not looking for discursive posts; I am requiring you to post actual questions.  In addition to your questions, I would like you to type out TWO quotations from the reading that you found particularly interesting, and explain in a paragraph why you chose them.

You should post your question the DAY BEFORE the class meeting.  They must be submitted before 5 PM, or you will not receive credit for these questions, or a chance to make up the exercise.
Please sign up to pose questions for one reading:

Sign-up Sheet for Blog Questions

Blogging Responsibility #2: “Follow the Cool:” Using Music to Explore our YA Texts

In this blog exercise, we will develop a collective playlist of songs for our class, as a recognition of the role that both music and YA literature play in youth/ popular culture.

You will choose ONE song for THREE of our class books and craft a blog post explaining why you chose it, and why you associate it with a specific YA book.  If you can link to reviews of the song, an official video, or any other commentary about the song, that will be even better.  The song can be in any genre whatsoever, including jazz and classical, but I suspect most of the song choices will be in the pop/ rock/ rap/ dance mode.  Songs from any era are fine; they do not have to be contemporary pieces.

Have fun with this exercise!

Here are the deadlines for your posts about songs.  Remember that you don’t need to do seven posts…just THREE of the posts below:

The Hate U Give: Sept 26th
Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass: Oct 17th
Challenger Deep: Oct 26th
The Poet X:  Nov 2nd
The Realm of Possibility: Nov 9th
Feed: Nov 21st
Bomb: Nov 28th

If you complete every blog post, you will receive full credit for blogging.  However, if you do a poor or neglectful job, I will ask you to rewrite your post, and if you choose not to do so, I will deduct some points from your blogging grade.  I urge you to put in strong effort on this element of the course, and all elements of the course, to maximize your own learning.